Fundamental Constitutional Principles Project Reporters met with the Team and Advisors


On 4 May 2021, the Project Reporters met remotely with members of the Project Team and of the Advisory Committee to continue their discussion over the identification and analysis of fundamental constitutional principles in the European context.

Participants scrutinised a draft of the report and provided valuable feedback over the structure thereof. During this meeting, participants exchanged views in particular over the level of detail in which the final report should cover the principles identified. The comprehensiveness of the report was also discussed in relation to the set of informal rules - in addition to legal ones - that the principle of the rule of law encompasses.

Participants further provided their perspective as to the inclusion of rules deriving from international law in addition to national and European Union law. It was agreed to continue the drafting through working groups dedicated to individual principles, with the aim of feeding the discussion into plenary meetings of the members of the Project Team and Advisory Committee.