High Level Expert Group Meeting on Corporate Criminal Liability


ELI organised a High Level Expert Group (HLEG) meeting on Corporate Criminal Liability on 16 December 2020, bringing together leading experts to identify topics for new ELI projects.

Robert  Bray (Chair; former Head of Unit of the Secretariat of the Legal Affairs Committee, European Parliament; ELI Council member), William Julié (lawyer, William Julié law firm), André Klip (Professor, Maastricht University; ELI Council member), Celina Nowak (Director of the Institute of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences; criminal law researcher and consultant), David Ormerod (Professor, University College London), Bertrand Perrin (Professor, University of Fribourg), Fausto Pocar (Professor Emeritus, University of Milan; ELI Council member) and Jürgen Wessing (Partner, Wessing & Partner; Professor, University of Düsseldorf) convened to discuss project ideas prepared by them prior to the meeting, with a view to develop them further. They identified pressing issues that ELI should address in the future, dealing among other things with the concept of corporate criminal liability as well as liability of corporations for specific crimes, such as environmental crimes. ELI President Christiane Wendehorst joined the fruitful discussion.

ELI is immensely grateful to the experts for their valuable input. The project proposals emerging out of the meeting will be examined by the ELI Executive Committee and Council with a view to embark on new projects dealing with corporate criminal liability in upcoming year(s).

ELI started with a series of HLEG meetings in 2019 with the aim of expanding and balancing its project portfolio. Despite the difficulties posed by the current COVID-19 pandemic, which is causing disruption and unrest around the globe, the Institute decided to continue with this important initiative also this year. The Institute organised a series of HLEG meetings online in the field of Labour Law, Financial Law, Corporate Criminal Liability and Data Law.