Italian Hub Symposium


Symposium on EU Citizenship 25 Years On: Civil and Economic Rights in Action in Trento on 12–13 December.

Participants were welcomed by Paolo Collini (Rector of Trento University), Luisa Antoniolli (Professor, Trento University, on behalf of the Dean of the Faculty of Law) and Elena Ioriatti (Professor, Trento University and Advisory Board of ELI Italian Hub) Scientific Coordinator of the Symposium together with Sybe de Vries (Professor, Utrecht University), Daria de Pretis (Judge, Constitutional Court of Italy).

Catherine Barnard (Professor, Cambridge University) delivered a keynote speech in which she argued that current problems with the EU identity might result from the fact that not all EU citizens can benefit from rights conferred upon them by the Treaties, and there are many who are left behind. 

Two sessions then followed, first on Economic Rights and EU citizenship, during which Paolo Guarda (Professor, University of Trento), Elisabeta Pulice (Researcher, University of Trento), Vassilis Hazopoulos (Professor, University of Athens) and Elena Ioriatti presented their research output, and the second on Civil Rights and EU citizenship, with presentations by Henri de Waele (Professor, University of Antwerp and Radboud University), Hanneke van Eijken (Assistant Professor, University of Utrecht) and Tomasz Dudek (Senior Project Officer, ELI).

The Symposium came to an end with closing remarks by the bEUcitizen General Coordinator, Sybe de Vries (Professor, University of Utrecht) in which he signaled further challenges to the enjoyment of fundamental rights resulting from the technological developments and climate change.

Please find the agenda here.