Meeting of the ELI Project 'Empowering European Families' in Vienna


On 19-20 January 2017, the second meeting of Workstream 2 of the ELI project 'Empowering European Families' was held in Vienna at the ELI Secretariat.

The Working Group came together to deal with the analysis of national reports and concentrated on the drafting of a matrimonial agreement for spouses on substantive law issues. This model agreement is mainly aimed at dealing with matrimonial property, maintenance and pension rights. Subsequently, a similar agreement will be drafted for registered partners.

The next meetings of Workstream 2 will take place on 13-14 March in Vienna and on 18-20 June in Utrecht. The latter, will be combined with a public workshop, where the results of this Workstream will be officially presented.

More information about the project is available here as well as on the project's homepage.