Meeting of the Obligations of Parties, Lawyers & Judges Working Group in Pavia (Italy)


Members of the Working Group on Obligations of Parties, Lawyers & Judges came together for the eighth time to work on the draft rules on obligations. The productive meeting took place from 22–23 September in Pavia (Italy) in the Collegio Boromeo.

This Working Group has produced a set of rules, following eight meetings, which were held in Maastricht (the Netherlands) in February 2015, Dubrovnik (Croatia) in June 2015, Maastricht and Leuven (Belgium) in November 2015, Pavia in February 2016, Dubrovnik in May 2016, Pavia (Italy) in September 2016 and Paris (France) in November 2016.

The discussion focused on the matters deriving from the comments ELI and UNIDROIT received at an earlier meeting in April in Rome (Italy). Those attending the meeting also considered various issues, not only in respect of the commentary but also textual refinements, with the objective of producing a precise and concise set of rules and explanatory notes.

The Members of the Working Group will have an opportunity to gather one more time this year, on the occasion of the joint ELI-UNIDROIT meeting in Vienna (Austria), which will take place from 16–17 November 2017.