Organisational Meeting for the Upcoming 2020 Annual Conference and Meetings in Budapest


On 15 November 2019, ELI Secretary General, Vanessa Wilcox, visited Budapest to meet representatives of the institutions involved in the organisation of ELI’s 2020 Annual Conference and Meetings that will take place in Budapest from 9–11 September

In preparation for next year’s ELI Annual Conference and Meetings, ELI Secretary General Vanessa Wilcox met Péter Darák, (President of the Kúria, the Hungarian Supreme Court), Tamás Sulyok (President of the Hungarian Constitutional Court), Pál Sonnevend (Dean of the Faculty of Law of Eötvös Loránd University), Rozsnyai Krisztina (Vice-Dean for International Affairs), Miklós Király (ELI’s Hungarian Hub Chair) and Tamás Szabados (Secretary General of the Organising Committee) to discuss organisational matters and to visit planned venues for the upcoming event. ELI is honoured by the invitation to host the event in Hungary and is grateful for the generosity of the above institutions and individuals that made this event possible.