Public Workshop of the Empowering European Families Project


The ELI project on Empowering European Families (EEF) has finished its second workstream on model agreements concerning property, family home, maintenance and pension rights with a meeting and workshop held on 19–20 June in Utrecht (The Netherlands).

The Reporters and Working Group presented their findings to the public and invited renowned external experts to critically scrutinise the interim results, among them ELI Council Member Elena Bargelli (from Pisa, Italy), Tim Amos (QC from London, UK), Jens Scherpe (from Cambridge, UK), Wilbert Kolkman (from Groningen, The Netherlands), Magdalena Habdas (from Katowice, Poland) and Josep-Ferrer Riba (from Barcelona, Spain).

The Working Group had prepared two alternative models, one taking a more conservative approach and focusing on comparative information and the other a more ambitious approach of striving to develop templates with concrete choices and boxes to tick. The majority of experts present preferred to include both approaches in the final report. The third and last workstream will deal with model agreements for informal relationships, on which first drafts are already circulating.

The results of the whole EEF Project will be presented at a public Conference at the Academy of European Law (ERA) in Trier (Germany) on 30 November – 1 December. All ELI Members and interested parties are invited to attend. Details about the Conference will be available soon on the ELI and ERA websites.