Register Interest to Join the EU Law SIG


The ELI is pleased to inform its members about a proposed initiative to re-launch the EU Law Special Interest Group (SIG).

The proposers have been encouraged by the decision to set up the Belgio-Luxembourg Hub, since they consider that many of the activities of the new SIG are likely to take place in association with that Hub in Brussels and Luxembourg.  

The relevance of such a SIG is self-evident given that the ELI’s statute refers to evaluating and stimulating the development of EU law, legal policy, and practice, and in particular making proposals for the further development of the acquis.  A EU Law SIG could make a real contribution to European integration and the harmonisation of national laws by nurturing new ELI projects for consideration by the EU institutions. The new legislature and the undertaking by the President of the Commission to give serious consideration to legislative proposals from the European Parliament afford a real opportunity for ELI and more than justify reviving the EU Law SIG. 

The subjects potentially covered by the SIG are extremely varied, but it is suggested that the development of EU constitutional law and possible Treaty change might constitute an area of considerable interest with scope for research into how the nexus between the EU normative system and the Charter of Fundamental Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights is handled by the courts in the various Member States.  Other areas of obvious interest are competition law and State aid.

The SIG would also afford an opportunity for ELI to get closer to the day-today work of the EU institutions.

Finally, the new SIG should work on general themes in EU law not covered by other SIGs, such as European citizenship and freedom of movement and commerce. 

It is proposed that the Chairs of the SIG should be Professor Laurence Gormley, Professor Fausto Pocar and Professor Giuseppe Tesauro. Candidates for Advisory Board are: Francesco Avolio, Robert Bray, Mark Clough, Fabio Ferraro, Rita Giannini and Laura Guercio.

The initiators would also suggest that Denis Philippe, Matthias Storme and Gregory Minne, as Chairs of the Belgio-Luxembourg Hub, should be closely involved with the running of the SIG.

Please contact the ELI Secretariat if you are interested in participating in this SIG.