Seminar by the Common Constitutional Traditions Project Team in Turin (Italy)


On 9 May 2018, the representatives of the Project Team of the ELI Project on the Common Constitutional Traditions in Europe held a seminar at the premises of the Collegio Carlo Alberto in Turin to officially start the public activities of the Project.

Two distinguished experts, Celestina Iannone (Head of Unit of the Research and Documentation Directorate of the Court of Justice of the European Union) and Paolo Passaglia (University of Pisa and Head of the Comparative Law Division of the Research Service of the Italian Constitutional Court) were welcomed by Mario Comba, member of the Project Team.

The seminar focused on the topic of employing the comparative legal analysis in the practice of both the Court of Justice of the European Union and the Italian Constitutional Court. Participants identified many analogies but also significant differences in that practice, which will be further discussed within the Project framework. To find out more about this Project, kindly click here.