Smart Homes, Smart Cars, Crypto Currencies and Blockchains


Drafting laws for the modern age and for tomorrow. ELI President Wendehorst attends Expert Group meeting that took place from from 23–24 October 2018 in Brussels (Belgium).

ELI President Christiane Wendehorst attended a meeting of the Expert Group on Liabilities and New Technologies: New Technologies Formation that took place fom 23–24 October 2018 in Brussels (Belgium). The Group was established to provide the Commission with expertise on the applicability of the Product Liability Directive to traditional products, new technologies and new societal challenges (Product Liability Directive formation) and assist the Commission in developing principles that can serve as guidelines for possible adaptations of applicable laws at EU and national level relating to new technologies (New Technologies formation). While the first day of the meeting focused mainly on general national legal frameworks in the area, while the topic of the second day was blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies, a theme that the ELI is also researching on in its Blockchains and Smart Contracts project.