Swiss Media Takes Interest in ELI’s Guiding Principles on Implementing Workers' Right to Disconnect


‘Le Temps’ interviewed ELI Project Co-Reporter, Prof Dr Karine Lempen, on 2 November 2023

In September 2023, ELI’s Council approved the above Guiding Principles, which were also discussed at a dedicated webinar on 13 November 2023.

More information about the webinar can be found here.

Among other things, the Le Temps article states that the Principles could be of use in Switzerland, where the notion of workers’ rights to disconnect is not widely discussed.

In Prof Dr Lempen’s words: ‘According to a recent Eurofound survey, around 80% of people say they work outside their working hours. … The reality shows that we need rules on the right to disconnect beyond the definition on working time’.

She went on to comment on some of the Principles in the Swiss context.

The full article is available here.