The ELI-UNIDROIT Project on Civil Procedure is Holding a Joint Meeting in Rome (Italy)


The two-day event, taking place on 9 and 10 April, is a traditional meeting gathering Co-reporters and Members of the Working Groups, the Steering Committee, Advisors and Observers of the Project, who are invited to share feedback on the current and prospective work of the Project.

The meeting constitutes the first joint event by the ELI and UNIDROIT this year and will be followed by at least two more public Project-related events in 2018. On 5–7 September 2018, a panel on this Project will speak during the ELI Annual Conference in Riga (Latvia). Later this autumn, on 26–27 November, a public Conference will be held in Trier (Germany) in cooperation with the Academy of European Law (ERA). Please check the ELI website for further details to be provided on both upcoming events soon.