Visit from a Chinese Delegation at the ELI Secretariat in Vienna (Austria)


On 26 September a Jiangxi's delegation, including General Director of the Political Department, Jiangxi Provincial Higher People's Court and Director of the Judge Education Administration Department, Jiangxi Provincial Higher People's Court, visited the ELI Secretariat in Vienna.

On this occasion, ELI Secretary General Vanessa Wilcox welcomed the delegation. She elaborated on the Institute’s goals and structure and explained the progress ELI has made in the eight years since its foundation.

In outlining its past and current projects, Wilcox emphasised the importance of building on the wealth of diverse legal traditions and on vocational and geographical diversity in the formation of project teams and the need for all ELI output to be of practical application and significance. The members of the delegation were particularly impressed by ELI’s endorsement of the value of comparative knowledge and ELI’s drive to bring jurists from various legal vocations and geographical quarters together.