Workshop on 'Building a Data Economy'


On 20 March 2017, the Workshop on ‘Building a Data Economy’ was held in Vienna at the Haus der Europäischen Union.

The Workshop was organised by ELI Vice-President Christiane Wendehorst. The main aim of the Workshop was to get an overview of the most relevant fields of law affected by the rise of the data economy. A broad and open approach is necessary to identify what further efforts will be needed to distinguish overarching themes and common approaches to data in different areas of law.

Twenty participants from Europe and the United States of America attended the Workshop, among others, representatives of the European Commission. They discussed whether our law is fit for data as a key economic asset and tradeable item. The discussion was vibrant and greatly benefitted from the presence of experts from many different fields of law. The outcomes will provide the ELI and American Law Institute (ALI) teams working on a feasibilty study on ‘Data as an asset and Tradeable item in the 21st Century’ a lot of food for thought.