Conference on 'Gambling: A Multidisciplinary Approach' in Louvain (Belgium)


On 25 April 2017, a Conference on gambling took place in Louvain and was co-organised by the European Law Institute (ELI), the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL) and the Center for Medical and Biomedical Law.

Gambling is an interdisciplinary field.  In order to assess the existing legal mechanisms, it is essential to  examine the sociological, psychological and medical aspects inherent to gambling, but also to understand the scope of the possibilities offered by the new  technologies,  to  determine how  their  use could be regulated. Such a study could not be carried out without the   professionals of the  gaming  industry, who will  further  enrich the  debates  with  their  concrete  experience  of  the  topic.  At  a  time when important regulatory changes are discussed, gambling  is more  than  ever  a  topic  worthy of scientific  and interdisciplinary reflexion.

Please find the agenda here.