Joint EC-HCCH Conference and Project Team Meeting of the Protection of Adults in International Situations ELI project in Brussels, 5–7 December 2018


Pietro Franzina, one of two reporters of the Protection of Adults in International Situations project, represented the ELI project at the joint European Commission (EC) and the Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH) on the topic of ‘Cross-Border Protection of Vulnerable Adults’.

Franzina spoke on ‘The Need for International and Regional Legal Framework for the Cross-Border Protection of Vulnerable Adults – Point of View from Organisations with a Normative and/or Research Function’ panel. The purpose of the conference was to gather notaries, legal practitioners, judges, health and welfare experts, academics and government officials who work in the field of the protection of vulnerable adults, in Europe and around the world, in order to allow them to exchange ideas and information on the Hague Convention of 13 January 2000 on the International Protection of Adults (the 2000 Adults Convention). Additionally, the objective was to promote the implementation of the 2000 Adults Convention and to identify possible ways to supplement or strengthen the operation of the Convention and increase the protection of vulnerable adults within Europe and at the global level.

The ELI Project Team also took this opportunnity to discuss further steps to be taken to lay down a text of a possible measure to be adopted at EU level. The agenda of the Conference can be found here.