Meeting of the Protection of Adults Project Group in Vienna (Austria)


The Members of this Project Group hold their first meeting of this year on 28 February at the premises of the ELI Secretariat.

On 28 February, Members of the Project Team of the ELI Project ‘Protection of Adults in International Situations’ organised a meeting at the ELI Secretariat in Vienna (Austria).

The event was a good occasion for the Team to exchange their views in person on the developments on the European level that took place since the start of the Project in September 2017 and to discuss the reports prepared by various Members of the Team. The Members also discussed other issues, more specifically, the rules of the Hague Convention which govern jurisdiction to grant measures of protection; the rules of the Hague Convention regarding the law applicable to measures of protection and private mandates; the applicability of the Hague Convention to measures regarding the personal, as opposed to the financial, interests of the adult, and others.


The meeting significantly contributed to the understanding of the above issues among Members, who agreed that further discussion should take place in the coming months. The Project Team concluded the meeting by deciding on the further events to take place in 2018, with the next one taking place during the ELI Annual Conference in Riga, featuring a panel on this Project. More details about the 2018 Annual Conference may be found here.