ALI-ELI Principles for a Data Economy Further Discussed


On 8 February 2021, Project Chairs, Steven O Weise and Lord John Thomas, and Project Reporters, Neil Cohen and Christiane Wendehorst, met with ELI Advisory Committee and Members Consultative Committee (MCC) as well as with ALI Advisory Committee and Members Consultative Group (MCG).

Following the approval of the remainder of the Principles earlier this year by the ALI Council, the meeting aimed at garnering further feedback on the second instalment of the Principles. These included issues such as Contracts for Supply or Sharing of Data, Contracts for Services with regard to Data, Data Rights for the Public Interest, Protection of Others against Data Activities, Effects of Onward Supply on the Protection of Others, Effects of Other Data Activities on the Protection of Third Parties and Multi-State Issues.

Experts from both sides of the Atlantic provided extremely valuable input that will allow Project Reporters to further fine-tune the Principles, which are planned to be presented to the ALI Membership in May 2021 and to the ELI Council and Membership in September 2021.