Austrian Minister of Justice provides Welcome Address at the 2020 ELI Online Annual Conference


The Austrian Minister for Justice Alma Zadić welcomed attendees to the ELI Online Annual Conference 2020, speaking at the Opening Ceremony for the Online Conference.

As well as praising the relevance and topicality of the discussions on the Conference Agenda, Minister Zadić’s speech also focused on the challenges that the Coronavirus pandemic has brought to the legal system, and in particular the difficulty faced by all countries in striking the right balance between basic fundamental rights – how can freedoms be upheld and health be protected?

Taking encouragement from the events of the past months, Minister Zadić noted that especially in times of crisis the constitution 'shows its importance but also its beauty' as she referred to the fast decision making processes that were possible. She also commented on the judicial monitoring system in Austria, which worked effectively throughout the crisis and was able to provide feedback to legislators on their decisions.

Minister Zadić ended her address by thanking the ELI for holding the Conference during these difficult circumstances, and expressing her gratitude to everyone working on ELI projects. She thanked ELI for taking on 'the challenge of identifying well-balanced and practicable regulatory options' and was optimistic that this Conference, as well as ELI’s wider activities, would help bring about solutions to promote and develop the European legal framework.

You can watch the webinar by following this link.