Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts: Discussion on Draft Principles


The Reporters of the ELI Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts project, Sjef van Erp and Martin Hanzl, met remotely on 14 June with the Project Team, Advisory Committee and Members Consultative Committee to discuss the draft output of the project.

After ten fruitful meetings with the Team since the beginning of the project in 2018, the Reporters prepared a Draft, which was shared with the Team, Advisory Committee and Members Consultative Committee for further comments, with a view to finalise the project later this year.

Guidance in this fast developing area is urgently needed and the draft prepared consists of a set of 13 Principles with Explanatory Notes, which aim at providing advice to practitioners, judges, policy makers and all those dealing with blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Participants of the meeting expressed their appreciation for what the Team achieved and provided valuable suggestions in order to develop the text further.

You can read more about this project here.