ELI Awarded 2022–2025 EU Framework Partnership Agreement and Operating Grant for 2022


We are proud to announce that ELI entered into its third consecutive Framework Partnership Agreement with the European Commission for 2022–2025 and was awarded an EU Operating Grant for 2022.

Following a successful application for the 2022–2025 Framework Partnership Agreement, submitted earlier this year, ELI was invited to submit an application for a 2022 Operating Grant. After a positive evaluation, the 2022 Grant has now been awarded.

In the upcoming four years of the 2022–2025 Framework Partnership Agreement, ELI aims to continue to conduct several current research projects and to embark on a number of new ones, among many other activities, all of which are aimed at the betterment of European law for the benefit of EU citizens and companies. Under the grant, ELI will seek, inter alia, to facilitate the implementation and improvement of EU law in the field of judicial cooperation in civil and criminal matters; increase awareness about the implementation and improvement of EU law in the above fields; strengthen cooperation with EU institutions and stakeholders, other organisations and professional associations; and develop and strengthen its network.

ELI has been the beneficiary of the EU Operating Grants each year since 2015.

Other sources of finance include funds from a cooperation agreement with the University of Vienna, membership fees and a project grant from the Fritz Thyssen Foundation. You can find out more about the ELI’s various sources of funding here.