ELI-ELFA Working Group Meeting in Paris (France)


The European Law Faculties Association (ELFA) invited the ELI to contribute to their initiative to develop a curriculum on the education of European jurists with the aim of preparing the next generation of lawyers to be fit for a common and genuinely European legal culture

ELI Vice-President Sjef van Erp participated in a preliminary ELFA working group meeting which is preparing a curriculum for a European jurist program, on 21 September 2018 in Paris (France). In the very fruitful and interesting meeting, it was agreed that undergraduate and postgraduate education would be looked into separately.


In addition to the ELI, the French Cour de Cassation, two members of which were present at the meeting, and the French School for the Judiciary are also interested in the ELFA initiative. It is hoped that a grant application will be successful to move things to the next phase. The next meeting will take place in Toulouse (France) at the end of January 2019.


ELFA is one of the ELI’s esteemed Institutional Observers.