ELI Nordic Hub Hosts ADM Event: When Your Fridge Does Your Shopping


Join the above event online on 28 February 2024 (15:00–17:00 UTC+1), to delve into the ELI project on whether EU law is ADM ready.

The Hub’s first event of the year, accessible to both Members and non-Members, focuses on Automated Decision Making (ADM). Hosted by ELI Nordic Hub Chair Marie Jull Sørensen, who is also Co-Reporter of the ELI Interim Report on EU Consumer Law and Automated Decision-Making: Is EU Consumer Law Ready for ADM? that was published in December 2023, the event will feature esteemed Nordic commentators Professor Emeritus Thomas Wilhelmsson and Professor Emily Weitzenböck.

The ELI Report is the first of a two-part project on Guiding Principles and Model Rules on Algorithmic Contracts: the first part looks at whether EU consumer law is ADM ready, ie whether it can adequately deal with the widespread use of ADM. The Report also looks at what, if anything, needs to be done as a minimum to the acquis to enable the use of ADM without jeopardising current levels of consumer protection.  In assessing ADM readiness, 8 Principles were developed which the team considered should govern the way in which we look at the use of digital assistants in a consumer context. The team plans to revisit the Report prior to the completion of the broader project which will set out Guiding Principles and Model Rules on Algorithmic Contracts.

While the report suggests current law can address challenges with some adjustments, certain fundamental principles require consideration for further development in the field. Marie Jull Sørensen will outline key findings from the report, followed by interventions from Wilhelmsson and Weitzenböck within a Nordic context.

To register, please email nordichub@law.aau.dk before 20 February.