ELI President Opens ELI Portuguese Hub’s First General Assembly


On 22 May 2024, the ELI President remotely opened the General Assembly held at the Law Faculty of the University of Porto.

The above took place in the context of a one-day conference on ‘Sustainability Challenges in the Law’.

ELI President, Prof Dr Pascal Pichonnaz, expressed his gratitude for the work of the ELI Portuguese Hub. Although the Hub was only established in August 2023, it has already produced significant efforts. Among others, it has launched its own newsletter, hosted a Brown Bag Lunch webinar and is set to translate the ELI Charter of Fundamental Constitutional Principles of a European Democracy into Portuguese.

The Hub is Co-Chaired by Graça Enes and Marta Santos Silva. Carlos Marinho, Paulo Mota Pinto and Henrique Sousa Antunes sit in its Advisory Board.