ELI Provides Feedback on Commission’s Proposed Repair of Goods Directive


On 25 May 2023, ELI submitted its Feedback on the newly proposed Directive on common rules promoting the repair of goods.

Following the submission by ELI of its Response on Sustainable Consumption of Goods – Promoting Repair and Reuse, the Commission sought Feedback on its Proposal for a Directive on Common Rules Promoting the Repair of Goods.

The ELI Feedback was prepared by Council Member Prof Dr Susanne Augenhofer, Prof Dr Yeşim M Atamer and Dr Katarzyna Południak Gierz, with the support of Ms Rebecca Küter.  Advisory Committee members, Prof Dr Alberto De Franceschi, Ms Patrycja Gautier, Prof Dr Marie Jull Sørensen, Prof Dr Hans Micklitz and Prof Dr Aaron Perzanowski as well as ELI’s Scientific Director, Prof Dr Christiane Wendehorst, provided feedback on the above. ELI is extremely grateful to the above for their input.

Details on a ELI webinar to discuss the Feedback and the newly proposed Directive will be available shortly. The link to the webinar on ELI’s earlier Response is available here.