ELI Reporters at ELSA’s ICE Switzerland on Law & Sustainability


On 5 March 2023, Henrik Andersen and Yuri Biondi presented ELI’s projects at the International Conference of the European Law Students Association, ELSA (ICE) on Law & Sustainability.

The Conference took place from 3–5 March 2023 in Zurich. Participants and speakers came from over 10 European countries. During the three Conference days, discussions about sustainability and the role of law in mediating and addressing environmental issues were held.

Prof Dr Henrik Andersen, Co-Reporter of the ELI project on Climate Justice – New Challenges for  Law and Judges, gave a presentation about Corporate Liability for Breaches of International Climate Change Law.

Dr Yuri Biondi, Co-Reporter of the ELI Guidance on Company Capital and Financial Accounting for Corporate Sustainability, presented the ELI Guidance with a view to providing participants with a better understanding of challenges in fostering responsible corporate management and corporate governance. Participants then held a lively discussion about ELI’s recommendations and the EU’s financial and extra-financial accounting policies.