ELI Representatives Participate in UNCITRAL’s Working Group IV (Electronic Commerce) Session from 22–26 November 2021


Several ELI members including ELI’s President, Prof Dr Pascal Pichonnaz, First Vice-President Lord John Thomas, and ELI’s Scientific Director, Prof Dr Christiane Wendehorst, represented ELI at the above session, in a bid to intensify relations between ELI and UNCITRAL.

Other ELI members that took part in the session were ELI Council Member, Prof Christian Twigg-Flesner, and Co-Reporter of ELI’s Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts project, Dr Martin Hanzl. In sending the above to the session, ELI seeks to facilitate a higher degree of coordination and cooperation on its projects and those conducted by UNCITRAL, one of its Institutional Observers. This is particularly so in light of the entire limb of projects under ELI’s project portfolio that is dedicated to Law and Governance for the Digital Age, as well as in light of ELI’s previous work on sales law.