ELI Welcomes EU Developments on the Right to Repair


The Council and the European Parliament reached a provisional agreement on the directive that promotes the repair of goods.

The proposed directive is also known as the right-to-repair (or R2R) directive and aims to introduce measures to promote repair of broken or defective goods, as opposed to disposing of them and replacing with new ones, while keeping consumers’ rights to choose between the two options.

ELI supported the European Commission in developing the rules by providing a Response to Public Consultation on Sustainable Consumption of Goods – Promoting Repair and Reuse and Feedback on the European Commission’s Proposal for a Directive on Common Rules Promoting the Repair of Goods.

ELI also facilitated discussions about the topic with key stakeholders, including EU institutions and representatives of industry, as well as civil society organisations and campaigners, by hosting two webinars, on Repair and Reuse – Towards a Circular Economy (25 January 2023) and on Common Rules Promoting the Repair of Goods (11 July 2023). It is keeping a close eye on further developments in the field.