Ilaria Pretelli Contributes to the Reform of the CIEC Convention


Pretelli, who has led and contributed to a number of ELI projects, represented ELI in talks on the reform of the CIEC Convention No 20.

In the course of discussions on the reform of CIEC Convention No 20, significant progress was made toward making it more inclusive and reflective of current societal developments. Ilaria Pretelli, Project Co-Reporter of the ELI Model Rules on Enhancing Child Protection: Private International Law on Filiation and the European Commission’s Proposal COM/2022/695, represented ELI in discussions on the reform of the Convention.

The revision of the CIEC Convention No. 35 has reached a crucial stage, especially on gender and marriage issues. A key focus of discussions has been on the inclusion of a non-binary gender option in the model CIEC certificate, reflecting the reality in some European States. Additionally, there has been emphasis on recognising the status of same-sex marriages, highlighting the need for progressive reforms (see outcome of ELI’s Empowering European Families: Towards More Party Autonomy in European Family and Succession Law project).

For the time being, there is no specific gender specification included in the solution reached in the course of reforming the Convention. Instead, there is an acknowledgment of the need to accommodate various legal systems and linguistic preferences among EU Member States. As negotiations progress, Pretelli remains optimistic and committed to advocating for a Convention that mirrors changing societal landscapes and that uphold fundamental values.