Instilling ELI’s Ethos in Students


On 28 November 2019 ELI’s Secretary General welcomed 20 students from Faculty of Law of the University of Vienna to the ELI Secretariat

ELI Secretary General Vanessa Wilcox welcomed a group of students studying Comparative Imperial History at the University of Vienna. She began by explaining that the work of ELI needs to be understood in the context of law-making processes at international, regional and nation level. Referring to former European Commission President, José Manuel Barroso’s likening of the EU as an empire, Wilcox referred to the circumstances that led nations to wish to voluntarily take part in this ‘empire’. Having outlined the role of the EU and national law-makers, mainly, in a legally pluralistic Europe, she went on to reflect on the circumstances that made the founding of ELI a necessity. Secretary General Wilcox proceeded to outline ELI’s goals, structure and work, focusing on its projects and the output of its Hub and SIGs, before moving on to informing those present about incentives for young lawyers.