Meeting with Austrian Minister for Justice Alma Zadić


On 1 July 2020 ELI President Christiane Wendehorst held a remote meeting with the Austrian Minister for Justice, Alma Zadić.

The meeting provided a valuable opportunity to present the history, aims and work of ELI to Minister Zadić, who took office as Austrian Minister of Justice in January 2020. Minister Zadić expressed enthusiasm for the work of the ELI and was pleased to accept an invitation to speak at the opening evening of this year’s online Annual Conference this September. She also confirmed the willingness of the Austrian Ministry of Justice to be involved in the ELI’s decennial anniversary celebrations which will take place next year, remarking on the great potential for the occasion to bring together a vast network of legal experts from all over Europe. While discussing ELI’s substantive work on projects, President Wendehorst highlighted the ELI’s three current areas of focus: Rule of Law in the 21st Century, Law and Governance for the Digital Age, and Sustainable Life and Society. To the possibility of the Institute exploring specific topics in the last of these three categories Minister Zadić reacted very positively and lent particular encouragement, reiterating that the Ministry of Justice is keen to maintain its ties to the ELI and is willing to be a supportive partner whenever possible.