New ELI Project on AI and Public Administration


We are pleased to report that the ELI Council approved a new project on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Public Administration – Developing Impact Assessments and Public Participation for Digital Democracy, which follows on from a preceding feasibility study on the matter.

The project, which will be led by Marc Clément, Paul Craig, Jens-Peter Schneider and Marek Wierzbowski, aims to lay down a basis for developing procedures on artificial intelligence that will not hinder innovation while providing solid safeguards to improve citizens' confidence in the use of the technology. These could serve as inspiration to national as well as EU legislators but also governments and administrations.

Following an already successful approach in environmental law, the project will develop a set of model rules that include the need to conduct an impact assessment and a public consultation prior to the introduction of an AI-based tool in the realm of public administration.

More information on the project is available here.

A Members Consultative Committee (MCC) has also been established for the project. Should you be interested in joining it, and by so doing to help shape the project’s outcome, kindly contact the ELI Secretariat.