Presentation of the ELI Project on Advance Choices at Alzheimer’s Association Academy’s Event


On 13 November 2023, Adrian Ward, Co-Reporter of the ELI project on Advance Choices for Future Disablement, presented the project at the Alzheimer’s Association Academy’s event on legal capacity and decision making.

At the event which took place online, Ward focused his presentation in particular on the potential value of advance choices in the case of dementia, by providing maximum support for people’s rights to autonomy and self-determination, with clarity and reassurance for them and their families and carers.

The ELI project aims at developing model laws with practical guidance, with a view to encouraging the adoption of advance choices and supporting people in making use of them. Responses at the event indicated strong interest in the relevance and value of the project.

More information about the ELI project is available here.