Principles for a Data Economy Approved by ALI Council


At its meeting on 21 January 2021 that took place remotely, the American Law Institute (ALI) Council approved the remaining set of Principles that were presented, as Council Draft No 2, by Project Chairs Steven O Weise and Lord John Thomas and Reporters Neil Cohen and Christiane Wendehorst.

Following the approval of some of the Principles already in January 2020, Council Draft No 2 contains remaining Principles 11 to 15 and 24 to 40. The draft reflects the guidance received at the meeting with the ALI and ELI Advisors as well as the ALI Members Consultative Group (MCG) and ELI Members Consultative Committee (MCC) on 8 October 2020. It also considers feedback received during the ELI Annual Conference on 10 September 2020 and at the meeting with ELI Advisers and MCC on 22 June 2020.

The next steps towards the finalisation of the project will be the discussion and vote on the full set of Principles by the ALI Membership as well as by the ELI Council and ELI Membership.

Reporters will also discuss the current draft with ELI and ALI Advisors as well as MCC and MCG on 8 February 2020.