ELI Croatian Hub Members Meeting


On 28 May 2021, the ELI Croatian Hub held its Annual Members Meeting and discussed, among other things, the ELI Hub and SIG Guidelines, the Hub Membership and the Hub’s planned activities for 2021 and 2022.

The Meeting, which took place online, provided a platform for Croatian members of the ELI to reflect on the Membership and discuss past and future activities. In March 2021, the Hub launched a webinar series to contribute to the discussion on the current ELI projects and recent developments in Croatian, comparative, and EU law. So far, four webinars were held and six more are planned for the rest of 2021. The series of monthly webinars will continue in 2022. The Hub is also planning two conferences to be held in September and November 2022: 2nd Zagreb International Conference on the Law of Obligations in cooperation with the ELI Global and Private Law SIG and the 5th International Conference on European Company Law and Corporate Governance in cooperation with the ELI Business and Financial Law SIG.

The next Annual ELI Croatian Hub Members Meeting was announced for 10 May 2022.