German Hub

The German Hub, chaired by Thomas Pfeiffer, Martin Schmidt-Kessel and Friedrich Graf von Westphalen, was launched in September 2013 at the University of Marburg on the occasion of the Tagung für Rechtsvergleichung, a conference on comparative law organised by the German national committee of comparative law (Gesellschaft für Rechtsvergleichung).

Then President of the ELI, Diana Wallis, sent a short note to Marburg with her best wishes for the Hub. The event was attended by experts in comparative, international and European law from a variety of disciplines. The meeting was called by Professor Uwe Blaurock (a Fellow of the ELI) who presented the Institute on behalf of the organising committee. He was proud to announce that the Gesellschaft für Rechtsvergleichung will join the ELI as an Institutional Observer. Senate member, Reinhard Zimmermann, and then recently elected Vice-President, Christiane Wendehorst, were also in attendance to answer questions from the participants, many of whom decided to apply for membership.

Upon registration with the ELI, individuals become automatically members of the Hub in their country of residence, provided no objections are raised. You can find the list of members by country of residence here.


  • The papers from the German Hub’s 2017 Conference on 'Platforms: Business Models and Contracts' were published in 2018 by Nomos under the title ‘Plattformen – Geschäftsmodell und Verträge’ (published by Uwe Blaurock, Martin Schmidt-Kessel and und Katharina Erler, 262 pages).

Upcoming and Past Events


German Hub’s Colloquium on the Protection of Legitimate Expectations in the Digital Age (Vertrauensschutz im Digitalen Zeitalter)

Register to attend the ELI German Hub colloquium, organised in cooperation with the Ernst von Caemmerer Foundation and Johann Wolfgang Goethe...


Meeting at the 2019 ELI Annual Conference in Vienna (Austria)

The German Hub will organise a meeting on 6 September 2019, during the 2019 ELI Annual Conference in Vienna (Austria).


On 19–20 October 2017, the III Jornadas hispano-alemanas (III Spanish and German Conference), organised by the University Carlos III in collaboration...


On 6–7 July 2017, a Conference on 'Platforms: Business Models and Contracts' took place in Bayreuth. This Conference was co-organised by the ELI...


The German Hub of the ELI, the Ernst von Caemmerer Foundation and the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main co-hosted a conference on 'Uniform Sales Law...


On 28 January 2014, the German Hub held a meeting in Berlin, where then ELI President, Diana Wallis, spoke to the audience about how the ELI can...