ELI Digital Law SIG Held a Tenth Seminar in its Speaker Series


On 16 November 2022, the Hub held a tenth seminar entitled ‘From Document to Data: Revolution of Contract Through Legal Technologies’ in its Speakers’ Series.

The seminar was delivered by Silvia Martinelli (University of Turin) Carlo Rossi Chauvenet (CRC Lex Law Firm).

The application of new technologies to contracts has been revolutionising the way legal professions are carried on. The change occurring in the application of AI and, broadly, automation systems to contracts affects the creation of the contract, the professionals involved, the market, regulations, and regulatory systems, as well as contract law.

There are two main consequences of this change. The first one is the application to the legal sector and to the contract of a larger phenomenon: the professional performance is incorporated in a service/product. The second disruptive factor introduced by these technologies, is the possibility to use data to manage, conclude and analyse contracts. Contracts are no longer represented by paper documents. The contract is moving from document to data, represented as a set of fluid information and it can be organised and managed by technology for the efficient (and peaceful) relationship of the parties.

This contract revolution can be seen through the lens of:

  •  the effects on the legal products, legal market, and legal professionals;
  •  the role of the legal tech company as a new intermediary; 
  •  new compliance and regtech possibilities; 
  •   applications to asymmetries and clause evaluations 

More details are available here.