Frequently Asked Questions


  • 1. How can I pay my membership fee?

    Via SEPA Direct Debit, bank transfer, Credit Card, PayPal or Wise. Further information is available here.

  • 2. How can I pay using the Credit Card?

    Please scroll down to the ‘Credit Card or PayPal’ section of the above website and select the preferred payment option for the particular year/s under ‘Fee Options’. In the next step, just opt for ‘Pay with Debit or Credit Card’ and enter your credit card details.

  • 3. I cannot include reference to my invoice number in PayPal.

    In such a case, the ELI Secretariat will assign the payment on the basis of the name and surname of the payee.  If someone else pays your membership fee through PayPal and the reference to your invoice number cannot be entered, please inform the ELI Secretariat.  

  • 4. What are ELI’s bank details?

    Account Holder: ELI IVZW
    Bank: ING Belgium SA/NV

    Bank Address: Avenue Marnix 24, B-10000 Brussels - RLP Brussels

    BIC (Swift): BBRUBEBB

    IBAN: BE92 3630 9072 2423

  • 5. What if I have already settled the fee prior to the receipt of the invoice?

    Please disregard this payment request and consider this email and the invoice simply as ‘for your records’.

  • 6. I have sent in a completed SEPA Direct Debit form to the ELI Secretariat. Am I required to do anything further?

    No further action is required from your side. We will process your SEPA mandate within a couple of weeks of the send out of this email. 

  • 7. I have a standing order with my bank or on PayPal. Am I required to do anything further?

    If the execution date is after the due date for the payment of your membership fee, kindly inform the ELI Secretariat. We will note this in our files to avoid sending you payment reminders. Please set future execution dates to the last week of February of each year.

  • 8. The address or other details on the invoice are wrong or need to be updated.

    Kindly inform the ELI Secretariat, which will send an amended invoice to you. 

  • 9. I do not recall if I have already paid the fee.

    Please contact the ELI Secretariat, which will check ELI’s financial records and inform you accordingly.

  • 10. Are there any membership fee exceptions?

    Council Decision 11/2021 aims at making membership fees more equitable and fair for Members residing in countries with different economic situations. The Reduced Membership Fee Scheme offers Individual Members from lower income countries the possibility of applying for a fee reduction. For further information, kindly consult the ELI website here.