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Center for AI and Digital Policy

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The Center for AI and Digital Policy (CAIDP) is engaged in a wide range of activities in the domain of Artificial Intelligence.


·         advises national governments and international organisations on AI policies and practices;

·         trains the next generation of AI policy leaders;

·         promotes the Global Academic Network;

·         publishes commentaries on AI policy;

·         updates and publishes Artificial Intelligence and Democratic Values annually; 

·         publishes the CAIDP Update weekly;

·         supports AI initiatives, projects, and campaigns that safeguard rule of law, democratic institutions, and fundamental rights; and

·         organises educational events with AI policy experts.

Of particular interest to the ELI will be the AI Policy Clinics, which provide a comprehensive introduction to AI law and policy, and are available free of charge. Application information is available on the CAIDP website.

CAIDP’s goals are to:

·         promote the Universal Guidelines for AI (2018);

·         monitor the implementation of the OECD AI Principles / G20 AI Guidelines (2019) , the UNESCO Recommendation on the Ethics of AI (2021), and the US Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights (2022); and

·         support the establishment of new legal frameworks for AI, including the EU AI Act and the Council of Europe Convention on AI.