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EFTA Surveillance Authority

Rue Belliard 35

B-1040 Brussels



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Twitter: @eftasurv


The EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA) monitors compliance with the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA Agreement) in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway (the EEA EFTA States), enabling those States to participate in the Internal Market of the European Union.

ESA is independent of the States and safeguards the rights of individuals and undertakings under the EEA Agreement, ensuring free movement, fair competition and control of state aid. ESA's work helps remove barriers to trade and open up new opportunities to over 500 million Europeans, creating jobs and growth and adding to the international competitiveness of the States.

The Authority seeks to protect the rights of individuals and market participants who find their rights infringed by rules or practices of the EFTA States or companies within those states. Such rules or practices may, for example, be discriminatory, impose unnecessary burdens on commercial activity, or constitute unlawful state aid. The Authority may in such cases initiate proceedings against the EEA EFTA State at the EFTA Court, seeking a change in the relevant rules or practices.

The Authority is based in Brussels. It currently has a staff of 70 officials, within which 16 nationalities are represented.