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The European Circuit

The European Circuit of the Bar is a volunteer oganisation engaged in professional education for European lawyers with cross-border practices and/or who are interested in comparative law. Our objective is to provide a forum for legal education, debating, sharing ‘best practice’ in European law and comparative law and networking. Established in 2001, the European Circuit was the first new circuit to be created in some 300 years and was inaugurated in a ceremony in the Old Hall, Lincoln’s Inn. Its creation was an attempt to address the realities of the 21st century, in which there is greater contact than ever before between lawyers in different jurisdictions within Europe. Given this fact, it was felt that there was a growing need for a forum for those lawyers in which to meet and discuss practical matters arising from this increased trans-border activity. Currently members of the Circuit come from England and Wales and Ireland and from a variety of other jurisdictions within Europe including Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, France and Germany.