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The Izmir University of Economics aims to equip students with leadership attributes, entrepreneurial capabilities, critical thinking skills and the ability to contribute valuable research in a variety of sciences. To achieve this goal, the institution stresses four principles: participation, innovation, social responsibility and perfectionism. The University also values international cooperation and has a total of 127 Erasmus agreements with universities abroad.

The Faculty of Law´s mission consists of training knowledgeable lawyers acquainted with the practices of business life, who strongly believe in human rights and will guide society. Courses are taught in Turkish and aim to offer applied legal training focusing on foreign languages allowing graduates to work and exchange information with foreign lawyers who are in the business in an international arena. For this purpose, students follow mandatory English courses throughout their curriculum. Consequently, the Faculty of Law of the Izmir University of Economics educates students who will be able to actively contribute towards the improvement and development of foreign policy and economy in Turkey.