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Institutional Fellow


Institute of Social Sciences
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Republic of Serbia


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The Centre for Legal Research (CLR) has been promoting the study of law and current legislative developments by exploring issues concerning the rule of law, human rights and contemporary regulatory tendencies across jurisdictions. CLR’s activities influence the development of the Serbian legal system because it monitors and studies its legal institutions and engages in comparative law studies from the perspectives of European and other countries. In recent years, the CLR has specifically developed research in medical, health and social care law, but also labour, environmental, EU and administrative law. Through its research in health law, CLR has gained the reputation of a recognisable and referential institution in scholarly and professional circles, especially taking into consideration vulnerable groups. In addition to doctrinal research and comparative law studies, fellows of the institute are engaged in interdisciplinary projects on various societal phenomena. CLR organises scientific conferences, round tables and other forms of education in law-related branches. CLR conducts various projects and publishes a large number of scholarly papers.


From its inception, CLR has aimed to combine doctrinal legal research with comparative research, following academic trends and contributing to legislative reforms in the country. It is dedicated to the promotion of legal research science in Serbia. This is done through both collaborative projects and individual research. CLR aims to advance the study of private and public law (with health law being the special focus area), with a particular emphasis on contemporary standards in human rights in these domains.

CLR’s engagement has influenced the development of the legal system in Serbia as its fellows have been engaged in a number of legislative projects and in advising public authorities.