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Collègue Thomas More

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The Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in Legal Sciences (JUR-I) is conceived as a place and an instrument for reflection, development and structuring of research in legal sciences at UCLouvain (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium).

The main goals of the Institute are:

  • to stimulate fundamental and applied research in the different disciplines of law;
  • to encourage interdisciplinary research by overcoming the internal divisions that have contributed to the fragmentation of the different branches of law (private law, public law, criminal law, international law, etc.);
  • to promote interdisciplinarity with other disciplines in the human, natural and medical sciences by opening up to and calling on other scientific skills and expertise in order to benefit from complementary insights in the understanding of legal rules and to study the articulation of the different modes of regulation of human societies.

The Institute comprises 10 research centres:

 CEDIE - Charles De Visscher Center for International and European Law

CRIDES – Centre for business law and society

CMAP - Montesquieu Centre for Public Policy Studies

CEFAP – Centre for the Law of Persons, Family and its Property

CDMB – Centre for Medical and Biomedical Law

CPRI – Centre for Private Law

CPDR – Centre for Philosophy of Law

CRIDEP – Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Deviance and Penality

CRECO - Centre for Research on the State and the Constitution

SERES - Research seminar on Environmental Law and Urban Planning Law