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Institutional Fellow


Secrétaire administrative de l’UIHJ

6, Place du Colonel Fabien

75019 Paris



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The International Union of Judicial Officers (UIHJ) represents its members to international organisations and ensures collaboration with national professional bodies. It works to improve national procedural law and international treaties and makes every effort to promote ideas, projects and initiatives which help to move forward and elevate the independent status of officers of Court.
Furthermore, the Union takes part in the structural actions of officers of Court, notably via its involvement in the setting up and development of national professional organisations with a view to their becoming members of the UIHJ.  It participates in investigation missions in relation to governments and international bodies.
Lastly it promotes, wherever possible, the creation of a body of officers of Court made up of professionals and high-level legal officers fulfilling the task of the officer responsible both for the service of judicial and extra-judicial documents and the enforcement of orders.