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The Foundation for the Study of Historical and Regional Law of Vasconia (IURA VASCONIAE) is an independent research centre devoted to the study of historical public and private law of the Basque Country, which brings together academics and cultural agents, interested in researching the past and present of the public and private law of the Basque territories.

 Its main activity consists in the organization of annual symposia devoted to monographic issues, which are published in the homologous academic journal of the centre, Iura Vasconiae. As well as the Revue, the Foundation publishes several monographic series on the sources of historical law of the, the traditional institutions and self-government of the Basque territories. In its fifteen year history, IURA VASCONIAE, has held 15 symposia and has published 45 monographic works. The Foundation is actually working on the Historiographic Dictionary of Vasconia, Notitia Vasconiae, which is meant to be the main international reference for Basque historiography.

 Thanks to the collaboration with public entities of Vasconia, the Foundation also offers a service of scientific infrastructure consisting of a specialized library and an open database that brings its full production and publications of relevant authors related to historical and regional law of the Basque Country.

 The Foundation headquarters are based in Donostia-San Sebastián, where we share a historical building with the Scientific Society Aranzadi.

The Foundation counts with two WebPages, institutional web page:, and publications´ web site: