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The Kenya Union of Judiciary Workers is a workers’ organisation established under the Labour Relations Act 2007, composed of and serving employees of the Kenya Judicial Commission.

The Union is a non-profit, non-partisan organisation that has been representing the rights of workers and engaging in the collective bargaining agreements to improve the conditions of work of our members for the last eight years.

The Union’s activities became possible after the entry into force of the new Constitution of Kenya in 2010, which significantly improved the legal situation of judicial employees. Previously, they were considered civil servants and were not allowed to join any trade union. 

The main objectives of the Union are:

  • To regulate and improve relations between employer and employees.
  • To promote gender equity and equal opportunities without discrimination on any ground including sex, race, religion, place of residence, ethnic social, political, economic affiliations or beliefs.
  • To provide an instrument of cooperation among the judiciary‘s employees, labour unionisation, aggregation and articulation of their collective views, interests, opinions and decisions upon matters affecting dispensation of justice.
  • To participate in all matters aimed at improving delivery of justice in Kenya.
  • To secure strategic and effective representation of the judiciary workers in the government, public, and private organisations where such representation may be relevant and imperative.
  • To secure and maintain harmonised membership employment and service for all members.