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The Maritime and Commercial High Court is one of Denmark’s common courts, however it is the only court in the country which is a specialised court, and therefore only deals with certain types of cases.

President of the Maritime and Commercial High Court is Henrik Rothe.

Ever since the Court was established in 1862, it has dealt with cases related to business matters. In 1872 the Maritime and Commercial Court’s Probate department was established to deal with the merchants’, the manufacturers’ and the ship owners’ insolvent estates.

Today the Court is divided into two divisions, the Civil Division and the Bankruptcy Division.

The Civil Division deals with cases related to business matters. The cases are decided by a panel consisting of one or three of the Court’s professional judges, and two or four assessors. The judgements of the civil division can be appealed directly to The Supreme Court

The Court has around 140 expert assessors, all who are mostly recommended by business organisations. There are also assessors who have particular experience in consumer affairs, shipping, and employment related matters. All the assessors have gotten a particular insight into one or more of the areas of law that the Court offers, through their work as an assessor.

The Bankruptcy Division deals with all of Greater Copenhagen’s cases that involve: bankruptcy, debt restructuring, compulsory dissolution of shares and private limited liability companies and reconstruction.

The probate department has about 25 attorneys that specialise in insolvency that are appointed as permanent administrators. These attorneys can also be appointed as trustees of insolvent estates, where the estate’s creditors have not chosen another attorney as a trustee. Additionally, some of the attorneys also work as associates in debt restructuring cases.