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MiKK -International Mediation Centre for Family Conflict and Child Abduction

Fasanenstraße 12

10623 Berlin, Germany


+49 (0)30-74 78 78 79



MiKK – International Mediation Centre for Family Conflict and Child Abduction is the leading international specialist in the field of cross-border family mediation. MiKK is an independent NGO providing multi-lingual (EN, DE, FR, PL, ES), free-of-charge support and advice to parents from all over the world in cases of cross-border contact, custody, relocation and parental child abduction disputes. MiKK’s Pre-Mediation service organises mediations for parents worldwide who wish to resolve their conflict amicably in the best interest of the child.

The bi-lingual mediations are conducted by mediators from the MiKK global network of 170+ multilingual, cross-border family mediators, based in 30+ countries and mediating in 30+ languages. MiKK mediators are qualified mediators in their respective countries and have successfully completed the specialist MiKK Cross-border Family Mediation (CBFM) Training.

MiKK also refers parents to specialised, bi-lingual family law experts from the International MiKK Lawyers List. For 20 years MiKK has been helping families worldwide to find amicable solutions on all issues surrounding international custody disputes in the best interest of the child.

MiKK is active in promoting and strengthening mediation worldwide and co-operates with key international organisations in the field, such as the EU Parliament Coordinator on Children’s Rights, the Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH), Courts and mediation NGOs worldwide. The NGO is also active in conceiving and implementing international and EU-cofinanced projects aimed at increasing the knowledge and expertise of international stakeholders such as lawyers, judges, mediators in the field of parental child abduction, legal issues and mediation ( MiKK is active in public outreach, research and development in the field of mediation. MiKK is co-funded by the EU.

With its specialist CBFM Trainings conducted by expert international trainers, MiKK ensures a high standard of training for its international mediators, equipping them with the skills, knowledge and tools to handle such complex mediations. For the past twelve years the MiKK CBFM Training has continually been receiving very good reviews by international participants. The Trainings take place annually in English and German in Berlin (Germany) as well as in Osaka (Japan) and Singapore ( Ongoing Trainings for qualified MiKK mediators and other mediators, or participants from other professions also take place annually in Berlin (

MiKK’s mission is to contribute to growing an international movement to support and help advance the resolution of cross-border family conflicts through mediation as a formally accepted way for ensuring sustainable solutions in the interest of parents, children, judicial and social authorities worldwide. It is our mission to continue to act as a thought leader and multiplier in the field of cross-border family mediation internationally.

MiKK also offers information, training and consultation to judges, lawyers, social services and consular representatives and regularly speaks at international conferences and seminars.

Call or e-mail us for free-of-charge advice if you have questions or if you wish MiKK to organise a mediation for you.