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The School of Law of the University of Nicosia consists of two departments, the Department of Law and the Department of Politics and Governance and the School stands on the three pillars of law, politics and governance. The School of Law is one of the most active in the region, offering its graduates specialised knowledge and skills in handling difficult situations and resolving practical day-to-day problems.

 With more than 25 years of experience in providing top-tier legal education, the School of Law awarded the first Law degrees in Cyprus that were officially recognised academically by the Republic and professionally recognised by the Cyprus Legal Council. Today, the School offers a number of innovative courses and legal programmes that are recognised by the Cyprus Legal Council for access to the legal profession.

 The Department of Law offers an LLB with three distinct routes and which is unique for accommodating a comparative legal environment and for offering a full range of courses of common law (English law), continental law (Greek law) and mixed law (Cypriot law). The Department of Politics and Governance also offers a well-recognized BA in International Relations and European Studies. At postgraduate level, there is a wide range of options and at PhD level, the School offers a selection of PhD programmes.

The School of Law's objectives include maintaining, expanding and deepening its network of cooperation and partnerships with other institutions in Cyprus and abroad, including governmental institutions. It aims to promote engagement in high-level teaching and research and to contribute to the further development, evolution and internationalisation of the University of Nicosia. The School is constantly expanding its programs of study, both in conventional and DL form, submits competitive research proposals for international funding, organizes international conferences and seminars, and coordinates with affiliated thinktanks and research institutions.

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